Saturday, March 09, 2019

7 Jewish things to look for when Mueller wraps up his investigation 

It looks like Robert Mueller, the special counsel investigating alleged improprieties associated with Donald Trump’s presidency and election campaign, is wrapping up his report.

Or maybe not. Mueller has over his near-two year run led a leak-free operation, and no one is saying on the record that the report is completed. Two weeks ago, according to the multiple media reports citing unnamed Justice Department officials, the word was that it would come out last week, and last week the word is that it will come out this week. And the Trump administration sources who are fueling the reports might have a vested interest in wanting Mueller to cut things short, now.

Not only that, but what we see of the report may be limited: Attorney General William Barr, under current department regulations, is required only to summarize the report for Congress, and he has suggested that he will not include in the report information that could be damaging to unindicted individuals. Topping that list is President Donald Trump, as department guidelines say that a sitting president may not be indicted.

Democrats have since Jan. 3 controlled the House of Representatives, and say they are ready to challenge rules that would restrict anything short of the full report being made public.

Nonetheless, as tight-lipped as Mueller has been, it’s possible to glean the thrust of his investigation from his multiple court filings, indictments and convictions. The Associated Press pulled together a narrative that suggests the outline of the report, and it isn’t good news for Trump. The AP outline depicts a campaign that was at least receptive to Russian interference in the 2016 campaign, and with some top-level officials (although as far as we know, not Trump himself), who were prone to lying about Russian interference.

There are major players on both sides — those implicated in the Mueller investigation, those who want to bring it all to light, and those who might be collaterally damaged — who are Jewish. Here are some Jewish players to watch for and possible outcomes once the report gets released.


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