Thursday, February 04, 2021

Jackson School District Swears in First Orthodox Jewish Resident to School Board 

As Jackson Township evolves and the Orthodox Jewish community within the township continues to grow, the school board here has sworn in the first ever member of that community as a board member.

At its reorganization meeting on Jan. 6,  three board members were sworn in to new terms, including Tzvi Herman, an Orthodox Jewish resident who says he wants the same thing everyone else in town wants.

"Once my name became public, all of a sudden there were challengers," Herman said in an interview with Forward.com. "Automatically, because I'm a religious Jew, they think my agenda is the same as up north."

Herman said that's not the case with him.  He has received flak from his opposition because he has no children in the Jackson School District, but for years, many other board members who do not have children in the district have served including some of his fellow board members. Some of Jackson's longest serving board members have had no children in the district.


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