Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Thug screams at Jewish family on bus telling them 'go back to your own country' 

A thug screamed "f*** off back to your country" at a Jewish family on board a London bus as the hate-filled rant was caught on camera.

The man screams at the family to "have some f***ing respect" before he brands the innocent passengers "c***s" during the vile incident in north London.

A disabled Jewish passenger who took a long time to enter the bus was also the target of his bile.

The Met Police confirmed it is investigating a "racially aggravated" incident.

In the video, the man adds: "You think you can come over here and f*** with us English people?"

"We want to go away because of people like you," one of the women on the bus replies wistfully as the man continues his rant.

The racist replies: "Yeah f*** off back to your country then, innit."

He adds: "You think you own this country.

"You don't own this f***ing damn country. You understand? Go and f*** yourself."

The footage was recorded on Monday on the number 253 bus close to Manor House station.

The bus runs between Hackney Central and Euston.


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