Friday, June 25, 2021

Almost 500 homes nearly completed in 1,600-unit Kiryas Joel condo complex 

The first several hundred units are nearly finished in a condo complex that will eventually house more people than some entire towns in Orange County.

The 1,600-unit Veyoel Moshe Gardens project has been taking shape on a hillside overlooking Route 17 since 2018, filling part of a 70-acre peninsula of Kiryas Joel that used to be woods. As many as 700 units in all are under construction and up to 500 are almost done, the project's planner told the Times Herald-Record.

Several hurdles still must be cleared before any completed condos can be occupied.

One is the completion of a new sewer main that was needed to handle the increased wastewater, which is piped through Monroe to a treatment plant in Harriman. Workers had already installed the wider pipe in Monroe and were preparing to bore under Route 17 to connect it to mains on the Kiryas Joel side of the highway.

Robert Gray, the Orange County official who oversees the county-run sewer system serving that area, told the Times Herald-Record last week that the sewer work is expected to be done by Sept. 1 and will cost $4.3 million, all borne by the developer of Veyoel Moshe Gardens.

In addition, workers must finish burying underground gas and electric lines, pave roads and install two traffic signals at the project entrances on County Route 105 and Nininger Road, said Joel Mann of Brach & Mann Associates, the planning firm for the project. The signal at Route 105 and Bakertown Road is set to be installed within a couple weeks.

Mann said the condos will range in size from 1,200 square feet to 2,800 square feet. No prices have been set. One of two planned synagogues is also under construction.

The project is the largest by far out of several that are being built in Kiryas Joel to meet housing demand in the ever-growing Satmar Hasidic community. Planners estimated during the environmental review for Veyoel Moshe Gardens that it ultimately could house as many as 9,000 people, or roughly one-third of the nearly 27,000 residents the village was estimated to have as of mid-2019.

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