Tuesday, January 10, 2006

R' Bentzion takes action as boss

Teachers at B'nos Tzion of Bobov have what to celebrate about, at least somewhat. The teachers at Bobov girl's school had been owed back pay for eight months. That however has now changed. Ever since R' Bentzion took over the girl's school many things have changed. All the teachers were immediately paid the eight months that they were owed and were told that from now on things would be different. All the teachers were also warned that they were hired to teach and not to get involved in politics. The teachers were told in no uncertain terms that if any of their personal political beliefs were to be expressed, they would be fired immediately. Wow, now talk about communism

great for them, its time that underpaid teachers go on strike, for once they will have the full support of their students.

remember this line
"Teachers Strike Idle Kids"


you should all go to the mikvah to see the balls on this rebbe. its about time one had some.


I am not a chosid but i am happy to see r'ben zion make all the right moves may the real bobover rebbe please take a bow


ha ha ha!!! bentzi, play around all you want now because its only a matter of time before beis din returns the school to its rightful owners (bentz i know you are reading this)


remember bz cheder owes over two months in back pay


I have no shaichus to Bobov b'chlall, but I don't see how anyone but R' Ben Tzion could be the Rebbe. He was the Rav Hayzair, he was R' Shloimeme's (ZTVK"L)son, an einekele of the Kedushas Tzion ect... etc... Who else & why?


this new rebisteve is a collection of many "lo yitzlachs "
of Bobov Just go thru the list, you'll see what i mean


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