Wednesday, April 05, 2006

More exclusive Chaptzem! pictures of the Boro-Park riot

HA HA HA HA you call this baby stuff a RIOT????
rechov Yirmiyahu and Eli about three months ago, now THAT was a riot. Not this garbage that looks like the annual lag baomer bonfire
The yerushalmis should teach the americans how to pull off a real hafganah


You beat a cop. Hide in a shul. And then call the cops a NAZI? I dont get it. Now one will want to move to Boropark.


did anyone think to burn their chametz during all the confusion?




hey CHAPTZEM, lets have a contest putting captions to these pictures.


These motherfuckers down in Brooklyn sure as hell do not know how to riot. Yelling and carrying on like a bunch of college students who had way to much beer after a football game is nothing. I Heard the NYPD quickly dispersed the crowd by throwing bacon bits at them. Judging from the pictures those residents of that neighborhood need to start cleaning up their streets too. Jewish people shouldn't live like pigs


The FDNY should have turned the fire hoses on them like in the 1950's. This poor excuse for a riot was pathetic. Go jump in the red sea


boro park is such a disgrace to your race.


someone call the dept of sanitation to clean up this place-what a freakin mess


we should've washed down their streets with holy water to clean up after these fucking slobs-they have repsect for themselves whatsoever.


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