Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Mezonos Maven up for sale

After a scandal ridden run, Mezonos Maven is reportedly throwing in the towel and selling his business. According to the source, the owner decided to sell the business rather than give it over to his kids. The source says that the reasoning behind this is that the owner reasoned that if the bakery were run by his children that would not give it enough distance from his tainted reputation and the business would never have a chance of surviving.

How can I purcahse it?


Nu. How much is he asking?


What scandal? Being a victim of loshon hora is a "scandal"?


ver can I koif der buisness and vefill it cost


I heard that he is keeping the business but he will start labeling his products "Gebaken Nuch Shabbos".


I heard that he is keeping the business but he will change the name by removing the first M of Mezonos Meiven


well he baked using the ERUV TAVSHILIN


The new buyer is getting the chof-K so he can bake on Shabbos with permission like certified Bakery, Tribeca Oven and all the other Jewish-owned bakeries under their expensive certfication...
Come on---- the real owner is the non-Jewish janitor (the one who checks for hafroshas challoh and inspects eggs for bloodspots).


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