Thursday, December 06, 2007

Dov Hikind to run for Simcha Felder's City Council seat - AS REPORTED ON CHAPTZEM OVER TWO YEARS AGO

Dov publicly speaks about his bid for Simcha Felder's City Council seat, a story reported on Chaptzem over two years ago.

For the last 25 years, Assemblyman Dov Hikind has been a fixture in Albany and in state politics. And he has also been a fixture — really, something of a political don — in his district, which is anchored in Borough Park, Brooklyn. But Mr. Hikind recently indicated that he might be looking to reduce his commuting time, and he is giving consideration to running for the City Council seat currently held by Simcha Felder.

“A lot of people have been talking to me and pushing me to run for the City Council seat,” Mr. Hikind said in a recent interview. “And I might just decide to run. I’ve been schlepping back and forth between Brooklyn and Albany for 25 years now, and it will be 27 years when the Council seat becomes available.”

Mr. Hikind added: “I love what I do. But the idea that I could almost fall out of bed and be at City Hall intrigues me. I find the possibility of spending eight more years in public service at City Hall to be fascinating.”

The possibility is likely to be fascinating to other political players in Borough Park. That list would surely be led by Mr. Felder, Mr. Hikind’s onetime chief of staff and protégé who is planning to run for comptroller in 2009.

Mr. Felder, who will be leaving his current job after 2009 because of term limits, has made it known that he wants to be succeeded by David Greenfield, executive vice president of the Sephardic Community Federation. Mr. Greenfield has also worked on United States Senator Joseph I. Lieberman’s presidential campaign and, for a very brief stint, was Mr. Hikind’s chief of staff.

“I’m supporting David Greenfield unequivocally and enthusiastically,” Mr. Felder said.

The assemblyman’s interest in running for the Council, some Brooklyn Democratic officials contend, has as much to do with underlying tensions between Mr. Hikind and Mr. Felder than any other factor.

Mr. Hikind, who is known for his maverick politics and outspokenness, has also been known as one of the most ardent and visible advocates of Jewish causes on New York City’s political scene. His longtime success in bringing home government dollars to his Brooklyn neighborhood won him both popularity and political influence on only in the state, but in his district of Borough Park.

But several Brooklyn Democratic officials say that the relationship between the two men has steadily grown more distant, with intensifying disagreements of over endorsements, political styles and, even, about issues.


Why schlep to Albany & do nothing, when he can just roll out of bed & do nothing?!?!?!


So now he's finally verified one of the reasons he supported Noach Dear!


Dov go to Israel and become a Councilman there. We need someone that will do something.


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