Monday, December 17, 2007

Open letter from the teacher at Viener Yeshivah that posted the videos of Yeshivah students

Here is the letter that was sent to us by the Viener Yeshivah English teacher that posted videos of his students online.


This letter is to address the incident you may have heard about. Allow me to start out the your concerns are 100% justified. I would most definitely be outraged and want an explanation. I hope this letter will provide you one. I was fuming to find this posted in the way it was on a so-called Yeshivishe blog invading both the private life of your families and kids. I had gotten myself a digital camera and wanted to make a year book for the class which I could give at the end of the year as a present to the students (Growing up I had many teachers do this). I have brought the camera on occasion and during recess to take pictures of the kids smiling and having fun. On one occasion switched it to take a few sec video clip. Latter I loaded it to youtube with the intention of sending it to a close friend. Anyone who is familiar with youtube know that you have to have knowledge of a video in order to get the link to it on YouTube. Because of this I believed the video would not be viewed by anybody but a close personal friend. I received a call last night from a member of the Yeshiva informing me that this video is not only public but they have written an entire article about this on a so-called Yeshivishe blog. I immediately took the video down and sent a letter to the site trying to explain the purpose of the video. I asked them to please take this whole article of the site as it is only more offensive to these kids and their families. The so-called Yeshivishe blog completely ignored my letter and continued to post links to these videos. I completely agree this was an invasion of the kids privacy. I deeply regret that I ever posted those videos and I take responsibility for me actions whatever the results may be. I complete agree with any parent who is outrage by this incident. I sincerely apologize to all the parents and students who had their privacy invaded . I hope you can understand that I had no malicious intentions and did not expect to see an incident like this happen.


With regard to the question of why I took and posted the videos in the first place: is because I happen to actually care and enjoy the kids that I work with. Many teachers take a job for a certain amount of hours and that's work for them. I don't work that way. Working with Tinokos Shel Bais Rabon is a very big privilege to me. Although I am not teaching mishnayos or gemara I have nachas as I see the class grow every day. I really care about these kids and take a lot of pride and joy from each and every one of them. It is for that reason that I wanted to share with some close friends - a video of the kids I work with every day. The kids that I have nachas from.


Sounds contrite. And considering it was unintentional, I agree it was completely wrong for any blog to spread this video to the masses.


What GREAT spelling! No wonder VIEN produces the best scholars in America!! Just read the letter from this "teacher"!




This posting of private videos is typical of that supposedly yeshivise blog

He has ruined more innocent peoples lives with his blog, than uoj. He modus operandi is to "accidentally" allow a story/comment and then apologize about after many people have seen it. He at times will ignore pleas to remove something, and then claim he didn't see his email, and "someone else" moderates the comment. ALL LIES. Don't believe his claim everything he does is "al daas torah and consultation with halacha", nothing can be further from the truth.

Example: I found out about something extremely personal from a link in a comment posted on his site. The next day the comment disappeared. I checked his site, AND NOT ONE COMMENT IS EVERY LINKED TO ANYTHING. Look what he does to promote his business, he is lower than a prostitute on the street.

I just hope this teacher did not use his real name, because this lowlife will try his hardest to make his life miserable.

His bein adam lechavairo in real life is ekeldick too, but that's another story.

His day will too come, and there wont be anyone out there to defend him.

ps. To the Teacher, you should call Avi Shafran of the Aguda (and the guy from the parsha, and halacha articles) who posts on the trojan horse's site.


The owner of that "yeshivishe" website is my neighbor, and I can attest to the fact he is nothing more than a grube ferd.


SHMEEL, oy lrusha oy leshchaina


Let call the school and have them investigate this, if what the teacher is saying is true, his job should be reinstated.


I agree. He does not know how to interact with people. He also tries every opportunity to knock the other websites that he THINKS he's in competition with. Over all, he is a real GRUBE FERD.


Although I did not see any video footage, I am trying to understand what exactly is wrong here. What privacy was invaded? From the post, it sounds like the video was during class and the playground. So what's the big deal? Can someone explain this point? The teacher said he was planniong on using the video to make a class tape. Sounds to me like a nice idea. What am I missing?!?


Am I missing something here? THREE heimishe blogs posted this story nearly simultaneously. The supposedly yeshivisha blog, another heimisha news blog, and this blog.

Why is the so-called yeshivisha blog any more at fault (IF there is any fault to go around) than the other heimishe news blog or this blog?

Can someone possibly explain that?


The Yeshiva Blog was the instigator of it all. Additionally they have not posted any apology letter were as all other sites have helped out the teacher by posting his an apology letter.


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