Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nuchem Rosenberg Says Goodbye 

Nuchem Rosenberg says goodbye to the listeners of his wildly popular telephone hotline show claiming that his life was being threatened and that he would be killed if he did not stop broadcasting.

Stand up and be a man. Stand up for your beliefs. The criminals threatening your life are nothing more than yellow-bellied cowards whose sole aim is to spew more fear and hysteria...they don't have any moral integrity or courage. You have to be the righteous man who will stand up to corruption. If you do what you know is the right thing, there is no place for fear. Make YOUR courage greater than your fear. If is better to do the right thing and go to sleep with pride and dignity than to back down to these shameless wolves and go to bed disgusted at yourself. Every man has his moment. Make this yours! Learn about King Albert of Belgium and how he refused to kowtow to the Kaiser and his menacing hordes of pillaging Huns....


WHAT A SHAME he was the ONLY real jew with a KOSHER hot line


Typical. One of the few people to actively search for and raise awareness on the most important issues gets shut down by the rabbinic mafia.


This pedophilia/homosexuality happens here in Boro Park/Flatbush all the time and everyone covers it, sometimes for years.


here in Monsey it is the same way. They put out an ad threatening Mr. Roseberg, calling him a liar, etc..and condemning anyone who even listens to him...we have plenty of pedophilia here too..we need you Mr Rosenberg! Don't let them win!


please reconsider. we need someone likeyou who can say it the way it is. the ones that are threating you are abunch of hooligans and have a lot of dirty laundry in their closet. we need someone to make the olam aware of what is going on in our community under the guise of frumkeit.


Food riddance


This guy is a professional hallucinator, do you really believe some one approched him with a gun? only a few weeks ago he said the same story that someone approached him with a gun and his body guard (since according to his dreams the government provides him with protection because he is so so involved in child molestation issues, [yea he was even by the meeting between the child abuse and the press!] that the government found it very important to keep him alive) jumped up to his rescue. So what happened to the body guard this time? probably went out for a smoke huh? this guy is fool, and I mean FULL of crap. don't believe not one word that comes out of his dirty rotten mouth! I believe the story is that he had too much pressure from rabbonim and probably had a big drop in the number of listeners so he had to stop it, but to give up after so many years of hard work and aggravation would not give him the greatest ego boost so he came up with this ingenious idea that he was threatened with a gun by his head. brilliant! now if he would really be threatened like that don't you think the law enforcement would try to get the people behind it? and I haven't heard of any investigations going on in willy, so lets all say a hearty good buy to "Rabbi" Nuchem, you lost the battle and it's game over, looser!


Nuchem may have shut his hot line down but he is not shutting himself down.
He is working in back of the scenes.
Just wait and you will see big things changing and things happening , and when they do you will know that nuchem is still alive and well. He is a powerful man but he is not looking to have his life end early.
Mr rosenberg CHAZAK VEMATZ! your doinbg a great job.


Nuchem you are a real hero you helped so many people in Klall Yisroel NUCHEM YOU WILL BE MISSED BY ALL OF US !!!!

May HASHEM give you the ZECHUS to keep up your geaat work.

Good Bye Nuchem you will always be remembered as number ONE

When MOshiach will come you will be standing in the front line with all of the TZadikim.


thank you nuchem for trying ....thats more then anybody else can say !!!


As someone who prides himself with standing up for the underdog, I fully appreciate Mr. Rosenberg's sticking his neck out when the "leaders" condemn him. I wish you much Koach to continue as no one else will on such an important issue. Shame on those who threaten you, they are the true bully cowards who may just be exposed.


This guy was one SHTIK TUMAH! and boruch hashem now that its elul already this hotline was shut down. im not saying he wasnt right. the yetzer harah is doing his job,and there are problems,but to go publicly on a telephone line??? where bochurim and even kids could listen to? this guy had a one track mind. every melamed and every mikvah and everybody who goes to the country etc..... kol hapoisel bemimo poisel. who knows whats going on with him. and whats about all his loshon harah on all the rabanim?


thank g-d another weirdo is off our streets.
not i can sleep better knowing my kids wont hear his garbadge.


You are worried about your kids hearing garbage?? What about kids who are abused by garbage?? Sticking your head in the sand worsens the problem for YOUR kids daily. Get rid of the radio if you don't want them to listen.


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