Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Accused child molester Yona Weinberg's trial to start in early December 

Yona Weinberg, the Bar-Mitzvah tutor accused of molesting four children, will have his day in court in just a little while. Mr. Weinberg's trial is set for early December in which, according to a source, his defense team will be working very hard to defend him pleading his innocence. One of the tactics to be used, according to the source, will be to discredit the young witnesses that are accusing him of the abuse.

A picture please.


Just like Cleveland, where the rosh yeshiva is covering up the molestation of young boys, and stating that the attorney for telshe yeshiva would discredit the boys on the stand. Shame on you Rabbi Levitansky and Mr. Youngerman Morgenstern!!


one of the telshe yeshiva kollel guys by name of Yoel klein did this kind of stuff and one day he just picked up and moved to Miami and now hes a rebbi in Boro park and his family left him. Go figure


telshe celveland? Is this the yoel klein that is divorced?


yer seruosly teling us that rabii levitansky knew about morgenstern and didn't do nuthin about it?

that's sick. did other rabis in the clevealand know also?


yeah, same story happened in parshas shelach. Karma ppl, you'll have your day in court!!!


carl; The guy you were talking about, you got his name wrong.

He's from baltimore, same place you're from.


If you believe whatever anybody writes "ANONYMOUSLY" on a shady site that has as much credibility as al jazeera, than you should try conversion, this religion is not for you!


Slander of the highest form right here... I feel a responsibility to post this message. What some people will say in the name of loshon hara is unbelievable. I personally vouch for the fact that carl's comment is unfounded and completely untrue, and it was for entirely different reasons that he and I got divorced. Yes, you read this right, and yes, you may contact me to confirm if need be.


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