Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Hikind Subpoenaed On Abuse Information 

We predicted this, here.

State Assembly member Dov Hikind was subpoenaed Monday to provide testimony and files he has compiled about rabbis and yeshiva employees who have allegedly sexually abused children under their charge, and rabbinic leaders who may have protected the abusers.

The Brooklyn Democrat says he has assembled detailed dossiers on “hundreds” of such cases. But he said he would “go to jail for 10 years” rather than reveal the names of the alleged victims, whom he has guaranteed anonymity.

Michael Dowd, the attorney who served the subpoena on behalf of several clients allegedly molested by their yeshiva teacher as children, said he was willing to keep the names of the alleged victims from becoming public. He is representing his clients in a civil suit against Yeshiva
Torah Temimah in Flatbush and its longtime teacher, Yehuda Kolko, who was convicted of child endangerment last April.

“I’m willing to try to work with him in a way that protects the sources yet exposes the villains,” said Dowd of Hikind. “I am not at all seeking to do harm or impair his progress, but I have a responsibility to my clients.”

Hikind also faced new pressure this week over his effort — publicized on a recent edition of his radio show — to work with a chasidic man who has come to him acknowledging he has repeatedly molested children, and confesses to one incident as recently as two months ago. Hikind says he has gotten the man into therapy with a “top person in the field” and has declined to disclose his name or tell law enforcement authorities about what he knows.


If he (Hikind) has names of
child molesters....he needs to
turn the names over to the
D.A.s office.
My reason is possible ongoing
crimes toward other children
may be going on.
What is Hikind thinking about
the next election?


At least those who want to see that REAL gedolim know best, can see it now. Common sense says report them or at least do what Dov has been doing. However, now we have the goverment issuing a subpoenas and before you know it our schools will be swarming with FBI agents asking kids questions and draging them to court and deciding our future and what to teach our children. Besides many schools will be sued to closure. These lawyers are intersted in financial gain and will do anything, anything to get their money.

So we had two bad options deal with it as in the past with some ammendments or have our schools closed. Which one whould anyone choose? It takes time to realise this, but our chachomim saw this ahead and made the decision. Best keep the goverment out and deal with it even if not so effective then having this, it's gonna be a chilul hashem as lashomayim, thanks Nuchim Rosenberg.

Good Luck Dov, you meant good. In no way is there justification in for the pedophiles, but for the overall good of the community, this would have been better when dealt with quietly. Of course something needed to be done, but not this. I can just see the front page in the NY Post.


Unfortunately we have no real gedolim. We have a bunch of prople who were born in the right family and in order to keep things rolling smoothly they allowed kids to be molested. There is only 1 option the one of halacha that states you are allowed to call police when someone molests you, because he has a din of a rodeph. Anyone who thinks we can deal with this by ourselves is fooling himself. Take a look what got done in the past 50 years nothing, zilch, zip. If unfortunately we have some Mosdos close down, dont worry there are plenty of other people will open new ones. The new ones will be more carefull who they hire and hopefully we will solve the problem of dropouts with this


I disagree with you. By Dov publicizing, the authorities took notice and now real action takes place. Watch out.


I protest those who keep on saying we have no REAL gedolim. That is an irresponsible satatement. Everybody knows someone he respects and true gedol. One who we all can say that he is not in it for the money or respect. We have yet to find one, one gedol who supports the involvement of authorities.

You may be right when you say enough was not done. You also may be right that we cant hadle it alone. Where you go wrong is, what is the alternative. Are we going to have the goveremnt involved in our institutions. Are we going to allow them to ban Mikavos, certain parshos which seem do explicit for children, like this weeks parsha? Are we going to have our Rabbiem threatened by students who did not get along with them. Think what the end result will be. Some times it's just is tough luck.

You may be angry and rightfully so, but involving the goverment is never a good option. All out history they turned Jew against Jew and won. Never has their been a period wher they won us when we held together, this is an evolving process. Today they are invited to prosacute this criminal and tomorrow thwy are looking into something else and then deciding what's right since they know so much. Just wait and see!


no,you are both right. Govt involement is not a good idea.We should learn from the hasidim in meah shaerim & do a "mishakanta" on the molesters and pedophiles,just as they do to a re calcitrant husband who doesnt want to give a Get to his wife.and thow the bums out of our neighborhood. Let our "Leaders" and"askonim" blacklist these felons,and not let them daven in our shuls,or live in our neighborhood.just like they did to Nuchem Rosenberg.They should all move to San Francisco,Ca. where they'll have a ball.


To Poster 4:54, 8:45 and all
others that do not want the
police informed. YOU ARE ALL
Call the police.... contact
the newspapers..TV stations..
you get the idea.
But to do nothing but "blacklist" and not allow them
to pray in your shul.
So your logic is to have them
just move into another area
and continue the behavior.
Shame on you.
Sign your post with your name
if you truly believe what you


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