Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What a backwards world we live in 

While pedophile-buster Nuchem Rosenberg gets shot in the head and thrown out of Shuls, convicted child molester Yechiel Brauner walks the streets freely and hangs around children in Shuls.

convicted child molester
Yechiel (Jerry) Brauner

That guy is the biggest lyer on 2 feet!

Every day he makes up something else!

I think he should convert to Christianity! The Jewish religion has gone array!


all those so called rabbis will burn for doing what they are doing i dont care if they live in williamsburg


I was in nuchem rosenberg's class a number of years as a yong boy in cheider then later as a bucher in yeshiva, also was a personal friend of his. If you know him close like i do then you would judge him different then when you watch this clip. In short he in not the holy holy man.


the title should say
""What a backwards world we Created"


dear reporter:
Wich posek gave (a heter) an approvel to publish this entire report? also the name and picture of mr brauner?


anon 5:03 is Jerry Brauner.


anon 2:08 writes
all those so called rabbis will burn for doing what they are doing i dont care if they live in williamsburg

do you want to wittnes this yourself by being there? or maybe daven that should do t'shuva?


Reporter here.

The heter to publish was received from R' Herschel Zicherman. Feel free to contact him with any additional questions you may have.


to the idiot who asked whick posek gave a heter? he is a convicted sex offender- public knowledge-the rabbis should encourage publishing his picture because its pucuach nefesh


what i meant when i said that they are going to burn is that they are stupid for doing what they are doing


To see all for parts of Ha Rav Rosenberg go to:



Not being there i dont really know whats going on but if its true that the molesters are being protected by the rabbies, then we get the names of sed rabbies and rip off their beards becouse they are erev rav and should be thrown out from the Am Kodosh


Every day I see this Bruner walking down my street the chills go up my spine. I remember to this day 15 years ago I was molested in shomer shabbos shul by this SOB. I hope his day will come.




Nuchim Rosenberg sitting there in his Williamsburg apartment bedroom (see his bed in the window reflection) trying to convince me he is speaking before an audience. Nuchim may have a point or maybe not, but he seems to be fabricating stories. Just a while ago he was saying how he has it so good with Chrles Hynes and now he complains that Charles has ignored him all along. His is full of it. You need to see the other 3 parts on youtube to understand everything I am talking about. This is so him.


wether or not mr. rosenberg is personally a "good" or "bad" yid, he is definitly doing a great thing with this, the jewish community as a whole is practically dead in more ways than one, and hes at least trying to help innocent people,which has nothing to do with these so-called "rabbonim",
Kudos to you!


I disagree. There are two extremes. 1) People who harbor and protect pedophiles. 2) People who fabricate stories to achieve fame. I don't know which is worse. Is just throwing around accusations which Rosenberg does in all his lectures and spreading rumers about every person who oposes him less damaging then a pedophile? He is undercutting the whole community and now the legal authorities as well. The end result, an over suspicious community who disrespects anything that their leaders say or do. This is a lot of hype. Dov Hikend is doing it professionaly and now Nuchim should relax.

Nuchem is an attention seeking individual who seems to have contact with many secret sources and involved in the community for over 35 years, but interesting that no one heard of him untill 2 years ago and you cant even get his phone number. He is like Shulzen whose stories were mostly fabrication but some truth to validate his deeds. Nuchem speaks alot but has yeat to show anything for his words, let him be in the forfront of just one case, let him realease his phone number, his email address.

Rosenberg may or may have some valid points but him being involved undermines the cause and the Jewish community as a whole. The end result is, it's worse handled by him then being totally ignored.


of course it has to do with the rabbonim you idiot, all the rabbonim have to do is to say that what he is doing is right and the people will listen to them, especially the chasidim


to the person who said he is lying why dont you look at the other comment where a guy says that HE!!!!!! himself was molested


molesters should be held on home arrest and not in jail. they have a sickness and why is it there fault. nebech for all of them and lets be dan lcaf zchus. we should be on alert when seeing them but not make matters worse.i was molested by someone else and i know how it feels but please why should the family suffer.


I spoke with a Rabbi who is a big activist & has helped press charges against molesters. I asked him if he was afraid now bec. of the danger nochum rosenberg is in. The rabbi responded that he knows nochum rosenberg & he has no chezkas kashuruth and does not belive this story as well as most other stories.


nochum is a lier how can anyone belive he was shot in the head on the bridge and some how the cops on both ends of the bridge did nothing and their are camras on the bridge and some how after being shot while driving he did not swerve into the wall. With the cameras on the bridge he can have proof. The man is full of crap and for some reason wants to destroy klal yisroel. You cant belive a word he says


how do you know he is full of crap do you think that bullet wound is fake


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