Saturday, November 22, 2008

YALDAH Magazine Thanks Jewish Bloggers for Winning $100,000 

A network of friendly email lists, blogs, and websites pulled her through. Leah Larson, the 17-year-old founder, editor and publisher of YALDAH magazine, will collect $100,000 for her mother's grand prize winning essay, "Dream Girl," in the Someday Stories Contest. (Larson was one year too young to enter the contest herself.)

After eight weeks of online lobbying and voting, a total of 28,880 people voted for YALDAH and Larson's mother's dream "to invest in her vision." The contest, sponsored by Wells Fargo Bank, started with 10,000 entries, from which five finalists were ultimately selected.

Larson started YALDAH, self-described as a "magazine for Jewish girls, by Jewish girls," at age 13. No Jewish magazine targeted girls her age and she decided to fill the void. Today, four years later, YALDAH, is a 48-page, full-color, glossy quarterly with 700 subscribers. The average age of the editors and writers is 11½ .

"[M]y daughter," Larson's mother wrote in her winning essay, "exchanged a typical teen life for one of purpose, determination, and hard work."

With her reward Larson hopes to launch an advertising campaign to expand YALDAH's readership. Her immediate goal is to publish three YALDAH books - a novel, an advice book, and a crafts & recipe book, the latter two written by girls.

"I'm really also looking," she told The Jewish Press, "for feedback from our readers of how they want to see YALDAH expanded."

Asked about the voter turnout, Larson said, "It's really been amazing to see the achdus . So many people sent out [word of the contest] to all their contacts, put it on their blog, their website - people really put in a lot of time into spreading the word. Every vote definitely counted and I really appreciate all the time people put into helping me."


Good Work-something to be proud of!!
a great accomplishment for her and the entire community


I think that she iz a Zieskiet!!!!!!!!!


Has that 17 going on 50 look. Best of luck!


Glad I was able to be part of this.

Wondering if any of those Rubashkin bashers ever bothered voting for this young girl to make a Kiddush Hashem.


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