Saturday, November 15, 2008

Convicted Chasidishe child molester Yechiel Brauner still up to his tricks 

convicted child molester
Yechiel (Jerry) Brauner

For all those people who keep saying that Yechiel Brauner has changed, read this and then send him your kids if you still believe that.

According to a teenager that confided in an affiliate, Yechiel Brauner has been harassing him with sexual conversations on a continuous basis over the past few months. The teenager says that Yechiel Brauner somehow or another 'finds him' on the street and then tells him how he has a problem of molesting teenagers and wants to know if he can help him. While talking to the teenager Brauner makes sure to get 'very close' to him. Although this may seem as an odd thing for a child molester to do, this is a common tactic used by molesters to help disarm their victim, get closer to them and to get things out in the open and make it more difficult for them to stop him. The teenager has confided that he does not know how to deal with this because every time when he least expects it, Brauner is right there forcing himself on him.

It is about time that we put an end to the reign of the molesters in our community who do nothing else but hurt innocent children every day. You may not know it, but this teenager here may be your son who is too scared to tell you about it. 'Ubiartah HaRah Mekirbecha'. Let's take out the trash!

If he was doing this to me, I'd tell him lets take a train and go for a walk on the beach. When we get there I'll have ten friends waiting and teach him a lesson. Does anybody have a cigar cutter I can borrow?


This teenager should carry some pepper spray, or perhaps a metal baseball bat. And should this animal come near him, the young man should A) spray him right in the eye or. B) crack him with the bat across the face, head, or groin with all of his strength.

The teenager should exercise the option of taking the motherfucker out once he hits the ground.

I will be happy to supply either of the above named accouterments if needed.


Anonymous : November 15, 2008 8:04 PM:

Unfortunately, I do not smoke and have no cigar cutter. I can, however, offer you the use of my marror grater. Please kasher it after use.


The teenager should call the police. The molester should be the one to wind up in jail, not the victim.


Why doesn't he go to Dov Hikind? He is the the person that is taking care of such people.


Please do not advise violence. While it seems apropriate, remember, it would be the teen and not the bloggers that could go to jail and have a record.


A mul nor petch ken helfen. zul ehr tziteren in di hoizen fun pachad ven er kimpt nunt tzi a bochur.


He's a normal guy, there was no normal evidence.

cut it out


hi is kinda cute,dont ya think so?


His blue eyes are mezmorizing, where can i meet him?


to yankel:

Six feet under... hopefully together with you...


you spelled it wrong. its mesmerizing. anyway,you can meet him on 13 ave & 54 ST in the bakery,or in the mikva on fridays.


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