Thursday, November 30, 2006

Rabbi Fakes His Way Out Of Sitting In Traffic Like Rest Of Us

You see it all over the city, an unmarked car with emergency lights flashing trying to make it through traffic. But have you ever wondered while you're sitting in gridlock what the emergency was?

A natural thought from drivers who on any given day deal with some of the worst traffic in the country -- average commute time 90 minutes -- is "this guy must be headed to a serious emergency."

Or is he?

CBS 2 caught up to one such unmarked car in a heck of a hurry.

Scott Weinberger: "Can you tell me what emergency your are responding to?

Man: "Excuse me?"

Scott Weinberger: "What emergency are you responding to?"

The man's name is Isaac Heschel. His official looking black Crown Victoria is his personal car. However, the lights and sirens he admits he paid someone to install.

Heschel is a rabbi who volunteers his time as a chaplain to the MTA and Port Authority Police, but both agencies said he has no right to have emergency lights, or drive like this.

Scott Weinberger: "Why do you have lights and sirens in your car?"

Heschel: "There are reasons for that sir."

We first learned of Rabbi Heschel's unusual driving habits from a home video sent to CBS 2 by a member of law enforcement who wants to remain anonymous. Sent with the tape was a note that claimed Heschel was putting pedestrians and other drivers in danger.

We had to see for ourselves. So, on the ground and in the air we followed Heschel for days, and what we found was stunning.

At crosswalks he used lights to move pedestrians along. And if traffic gets too bad he drives the wrong way up a street.

Remember, he is not a cop. He is not going to an emergency.

Heschel is actually a 47th Street diamond dealer with some multifaceted perks. Not only does he get to take the fast lane to work, a sweet free parking spot was always waiting for him. Heschel avoided tickets by using a special parking placards.

Scott Weinberger: "Why don't you use the same placard everyday?"

Heschel: "It's a matter, uh ... there's reasons for it."

Scott Weinberger: "Can you tell me what they are?"

Heschel: "It depends what I'm doing that day."

It was on the way to the Diamond District that day we saw Heschel’s official looking car use the HOV lane to avoid a major traffic jam on the Prospect Expressway.

When lights and sirens aren't enough, not even a tie up at the Lincoln Tunnel stops our reckless rabbi. The lights flash; he gets out and actually moves several traffic cones, and then drives past a Port Authority Police checkpoint without ever being challenged.

Scott Weinberger: "What was the necessity for you to use your lights, to remove cones, to go through a closed entrance of the Lincoln Tunnel?"

Heschel: "Sir, I don't think what I do I need to discuss with you."

While Heschel seemed unconcerned, others were.

"It goes to show us that that we have some vulnerabilities from people who pretend to be official emergency vehicles," former FBI agent William Daly said. "They could be used to transport explosive devices."

Once Heschel realized what our cameras had captured he changed his tune and said he was sorry.

"We all make mistakes and when I make a mistake I apologize, and that's basically what I'm saying to you," Heschel said.

Because of his use of lights and sirens, both the MTA and Port Authority Police told CBS 2 they have decided to part ways with Rabbi Heschel.



Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Subpoenas being served up in Crown Heights Kinus HaShluchim incident

Court subpoenas are now being served to parties on both sides of the Kinus HaShluchim incident that took place in 770. Many of the people that were involved or were just present at the time are being served to show up in court and testify as to their account of what took place.


Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Massive hundred car traffic pile-up on Ocean Parkway and Avenue I

Due to a malfunctioning traffic light on Ocean Parkway and Avenue I there is a major traffic pile-up with over a hundred cars gridlocked. Traffic is at a total standstill and all surrounding streets are overflowing with traffic from the averted traffic.

As Hasidic population grows, Jewish politics may shift right

In an era when the Jewish population in America is stable or declining, ultra-Orthodox Hasidic Jewish numbers are growing rapidly — a trend that may make the Jewish community not only more religiously observant but also more politically conservative.

So says a University of Florida population geographer who recently completed the first estimate of the Hasidic population based on the U.S. Census.

Geography professor Joshua Comenetz estimated today’s Hasidic population at about 180,000, just 3 percent of the approximately 6 million Jews in the U.S., in a recent paper published in the journal Contemporary Jewry. However, Comenetz calculated that the Hasidic population doubles every 20 years because Hasidic Jews tend to have many children. That’s occurring even as demographic studies show that the non-Orthodox Jewish population is flat or falling. If current trends continue, Hasidic and other growing ultra-Orthodox Jewish groups will constitute a majority of U.S. Jews in the second half of this century – a potentially profound cultural and political change.

“In demographic terms, Hasidic Jews are more similar to some highly religious Christian groups than liberal Jews,” Comenetz said. “They may also sympathize more with the Republicans than the Democrats on values questions. So, one outcome may be a change in the way Jews vote.”

This bodes a turn toward conservatism among American Jews, most of whom traditionally support the Democratic Party, Comenetz added. For example, most ultra-Orthodox Jews send their children to religious schools, which makes they more sympathetic to faith-based initiatives of the sort identified with the Republican Party.



Monday, November 27, 2006

Accident on 14th Avenue and 57th Street - Exclusive pictures

A Bucharian man was driving along 14th Avenue in a Nissan 4x4 and a Frum girl was driving a Honda Pilot down 57th Street. While passing through 14th Avenue the Nissan hit the girl's Pilot. Hatzolah arrived at the scene and secured the girl for transport. However, they were unable to get the door open, so NYFD was called to the scene. They eventually opened the door using the jaws of life. All the people that were in the vehicles were taken into the hospital besides the driver of the Nissan.

Anti-Semite terrorizes young children

A Heimishe man was headed to his car with six kids on his way home from Marine Park in Brooklyn. When he reached his car he realized that his windshield wipers were bent up away from the windshield. He got the kids and began seating them into the car when all of a sudden a man came running at them yelling, "Kill the Jews!" The man quickly put all the kids in the car and locked the doors. The man continued yelling and was now banging on the car. The driver threw car into drive and took off. All the while the man continued screaming "Kill the Jews!" over the screams of the frightened children. He kept banging on the car until it was too far away from him.

New Kollel opening in Boro-Park

A new Kollel will be opening in Boro-Park in the near future. The new Kollel which will be called Kollel Sichsuch Avreichem will only accept Yingerleit that are capable of coming up with at least two Halachic scandals per Z'man. Yingerleit that have too much previous knowledge in any solid learning will under no circumstance be allowed to join this Kollel. All Yingerleit that wish to join this Kollel will be farherred by the Rosh HaKollel to make sure that they actually do not know anything more than Der Blatt and Der Yid. As part of the farher the potential Yingerman will have to find at least two things wrong Halachically with the Rosh HaKollel that is farherring him, i.e., small shiur payis, too narrow gartel, too small talis koten, etc. The Kolel will also be doing a lot of information gathering about each potential Yingerman to make sure that they are completely capable of creating havoc throughout the Heimishe world. Yingerleit of this Kollel will need to have a command of the program Microsoft Word and be able to type Yiddish proficiently so that they can make their own pashkevilin at any given time. Any Yingerman that does not live up to their reputation, i.e., the scandals that they find are weak in nature, will be immediately dismissed from the Kollel and have no claim to any back pay whatsoever.


Sunday, November 26, 2006

Kashrus food for thought

Here's just some food for thought.

Why is it that we regularly see warnings in the Jewish newspapers taken out by the Orthodox Union (OU) about products that have either been falsely labeled, have been mistakenly labeled or are having their certification removed, while you will never see such a warning from the Hisachdus HaRabanim (CRC) or from any Chasidishe Hechsher for that matter.

Is it because they are so diligent and there are never any mistakes on their watch? Or is it because they choose to rather quietly sweep any problems under the rug instead of informing the people about it?

What do you think?


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Alte Zichroines depicting Yudel Shain's character

A few years ago a Yingerman in Lakewood opened up a take-out named Yussi's. A few days later he saw an ad in the newspaper put out by Yudel Shain Assering people to eat his food because he claimed that he was being Oiver Issur Hasogas Gevil because there was already another take-out place in Lakewood. The Yingerman called Yudel and asked that he remove the ad, or at least explain why there could be only one take-out place in the entire Lakewood. Yudel refused to stop printing the ad. A few days later the Yingerman went to a restaurant that was under Yudel Shain's Hechsher and saw that in the party room there was a party being held by a Sephardic family that had mixed dancing. The Yingerman took pictures of the party. He then called up Yudel and let him know that if he didn't stop printing the ad against him he would put out the pictures of the mixed dancing that occurred in the restaurant that was under Yudel Shain's Hechsher with a Mashgiach Temidi. Needless to say, Yudel pulled the ads right away and never mentioned Issur Hasogas Gevil again.


Friday, November 24, 2006

Nirbater Rav expected to come out with new letter about Niker of Meal-Mart liver

The Nirbater Rav is planning to publish another letter about the Chelev situation with the Meal-Mart liver.

This is his original letter.

“All meats from Ally Processing - Meal Mart is Geshochten salted etc. under my Hasgocho.

The “Nikkur” (cleaning of Chelev) on every single piece of meat is done under the watchful eye of Mashgichim Mumchim (in the Nikkur process) who are Yirei Hashem. They have learned their trade from other “Minak’rim Mumchim”, who have received Kaballah for Nikkur from Rabbonim, Geonim ZY”A from the previous generation.

The Nikkur process which is used is the exact process which was written by the BADATZ Yerushalayim (Eidah Hachareidis) on Chuf Gimel Cheshvon Tuf Shin Mem Gimmel, and was signed by the Posek Hador, the Minchas Yitzchok ZATZAL, Reb M. A. Freund ZATZAL, and Reb Y. M. Dushinsky ZATZAL.


Rabbi Ahron Teitelbaum Shlita, Av Bais Din Nirbater.”


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Yudel Shain accuses Yingerman of making up Chelev story

Although the Yingerman who found the Chelev on the Meal-Mart liver had two witnesses that were present from when the box was opened until the liver was inspected by a Dayin, where pictures were taken, Yudel Shain still accuses the Yingerman of switching livers. Yudel Shain asserts that the Yingerman that discovered the problem with the liver had purchased a non-Meniker liver from Meal-Mart and then two weeks later bought Meniker liver and replaced it with the non-Meniker one claiming that it had Chelev. I find this to be typical Yudel Shain. This goes along the lines of his Rubashkin story. Yudel must have some money invested with Meal-Mart otherwise why would he blindly call this Yingerman a fraud.

Chelev found on Meal-Mart (Alle) liver that was sold as Meniker

A Yingerman who is educated in Kashrus, walked into Jerusalem Meats on 13th Avenue and 52nd Street and purchased a package of Meal-Mart liver that was marked as Meniker. When he opened it up he found that there was Chelev on it. He brought this to the attention of the butcher who agreed that it looked funny. The butcher took it back and opened up a fresh box of Meal-Mart liver that was also marked Meniker and gave the Yingerman from it. When the Yingerman inspected the new livers, they too were not Meniker and were full of Chelev. The Yingerman bought the entire case of liver, sixty pounds worth, and made an appointment with the Hisachdus HaRabonim (CRC) to discuss this with them and show them what he had found. He showed up the next day to their office and was told to wait for them and they would call him in for the meeting. After three hours of waiting and being pushed off, he was told that the Rabbonim had left and he would have to leave. Ok people get your big pots of water boiling, it's Kashering time again.

Chaptzem! Caption Contest - Often imitated but never duplicated!

Give it your best shot. Post your best caption here.


Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Crown Heights Shomrim and NYPD - Working together to keep the neighborhood safe


Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Exclusive pictures and video of an overturned Emergency Service Unit (ESU) Police truck that was involved in an accident with a little car on 65th Street and 12th Avenue

Aharoinim lose big - case with Zaloinim is thrown out of Appeals Court

Congregation Yetev Lev D'Satmar of Kiryas Joel, Inc. v Congregation Yetev Lev D'Satmar, Inc.
Motion No: 1224 SSD 70
Slip Opinion No: 2006 NYSlipOp 80092
Decided on November 20, 2006
Court of Appeals Motion Decision

Published by New York State Law Reporting Bureau pursuant to Judiciary Law § 431.
This motion is uncorrected and subject to revision before publication in the Official Reports.

Congregation Yetev Lev D'Satmar of Kiryas Joel, Inc., et al., Respondents-Appellants, v. Congregation Yetev Lev D'Satmar, Inc., Appellant-Respondent, et al., Defendants.

Appeals dismissed without costs, by the Court sua sponte, upon the ground that no substantial constitutional question is directly involved.


Matter of Congregation Yetev Lev D'Satmar, Inc. v Jacob (Jeno)(Yaakov) Kahana
Motion No: 1223 SSD 69
Slip Opinion No: 2006 NYSlipOp 80093
Decided on November 20, 2006
Court of Appeals Motion Decision

Published by New York State Law Reporting Bureau pursuant to Judiciary Law § 431.
This motion is uncorrected and subject to revision before publication in the Official Reports.

In the Matter of Congregation Yetev Lev D'Satmar, Inc., Appellant, v. Jacob (Jeno)(Yaakov) Kahana, et al., Respondents.

Appeal dismissed without costs, by the Court sua sponte, upon the ground that no substantial constitutional question is directly involved.



Monday, November 20, 2006

Pictures and videos of the Kinus HaShluchim

A man in a wheelchair is being towed across Boro-Park by a woman driving a motorized wheelchair


Sunday, November 19, 2006

How Hall won

It was the congressional race that parties, pundits and politicians at the national level ignored until the final hours.

Even then, the contest for the 19th Congressional District seat held for 12 years by Republican Sue Kelly of Katonah never moved beyond a "leans Republican" reading on political Geiger counters in Washington.

And yet, Democrat John Hall, a singer-songwriter from Dover Plains and former Ulster County elected official, defeated Kelly by nearly 4,300 votes out of the 186,000 cast in a district with a Republican majority. Kelly conceded the race Thursday, acknowledging that the count of some 8,000 paper ballots was unlikely to change the outcome.

After the fact, explanations abound on how it happened.

Some credit a Hasidic community in Orange County with delivering a bloc vote that tipped the scales in Hall's favor. Others, including Kelly, charge that a group called Majority Action independently paid for ads linking her to the congressional page scandal, thus contributing to her downfall.

But people who worked closely with the Kelly and Hall campaigns agree that Iraq war weariness, House Republican leadership scandals, and an energetic grass-roots volunteer effort for Hall determined the result. Those explanations closely match the views expressed by many voters.


Williamsburg takes measures to avoid enticing child predators

Photo credit: Torn


Friday, November 17, 2006

Montreal police defend guidelines for Hasidic Jews

The Montreal Police Service is defending an article that recommends women officers call for backup from male colleagues on calls involving the Hasidic Jewish community.

The article, published in the October issue of the internal newsletter L'Heure Juste, is part of a series of features on different religions and cultures, and aims to assist officers who find themselves in potentially awkward situations, said a police spokeswoman.

"That's the reality," said Insp. Joanne Paquin. "If we don't understand the differences of all those cultures, maybe we won't respond the right way."

But the Montreal Police Brotherhood insists the force has gone too far, accusing it of denigrating its female officers by suggesting they can't do the job alone.

"We have to deal with citizens with respect and professionalism, and that's exactly what our officers are doing. It doesn't matter if they are male or female," said Yves Francoeur, president of the brotherhood, a union that represents 4,200 members of the Montreal police force.

The feature, published in French, is headlined "Sometimes ... ignoring is respecting" and describes a fictional situation in which a female officer responds to a robbery call at a Hasidic bakery. The bakery owner pays no attention to the female officer but directs his answers to her male partner.

The article explains why Orthodox Jewish men often avoid fraternizing with women, because of religious laws outlined in the Torah.

"For some Hasidic Jews, that signifies they must avoid speaking to women out of respect for their status as mothers. Others won't have a problem speaking with a female officer rather than a male because they recognize the social role being played by the woman."

The article concludes with advice to female officers. "Your role, as a professional, is to facilitate exchanges with the public. In some cases, that may mean asking your male colleagues to help facilitate certain discussions."

Montreal's Jewish Orthodox Community Council said Wednesday it was surprised by the article, because no one in the community has ever had a problem with male or female officers.



Thursday, November 16, 2006

Councilman Simcha Felder gives himself a pay raise

The 51-member City Council gave itself a pay raise, increasing yearly compensation for its members to $112,500 from $90,000.

The New York City Council is considered a part-time job, leaving Councilmembers time to have other jobs to earn other money.

Aside from his job as a Councilmember, Simcha Felder is also a Certified Public Accountant, and a Professor of Management at Brooklyn College.

Councilman Felder heads the Governmental Operations Committee which is responsible for introducing such pay raises.

The City Council voted 41 - 5 in favor of the pay raise.


Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Korn Brothers' hardware store robbed

A hardware store on Flatbush and Nostrand Avenues in Brooklyn that is owned by the Korn Brothers from the bakery has been robbed in upwards of $60,000. One of the brothers, who regularly uses the office of the hardware store as his base of operations, was closing the store for the night. He exited the store with his attache case, placed it in his van and went back to lock up as he did every night. When he came back to his van, he realized that it had been broken into and his attache case with over $60,000 in cash was gone. The thief apparently had been observing his routine for a while and knew exactly when it would be the best time to strike.

Police raid in Boro-Park

Police raided an apartment on 60th Street and 18th Avenue in Boro-Park at 5:00 a.m. and tore the place apart. Seven unmarked ant-crime cars arrived at the apartment and stormed the place. The K-9 unit with two dogs were brought in as well. Once in the apartment, the Police spent hours moving the furniture around and turning the place over. Finally, three hours later, at 8:00 a.m. the Police left the apartment and took with them a white male.


Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Yarmer Rov, R' Yankel Miller performs at Chabad


Monday, November 13, 2006

R' Mordche Dovid Unger gets permit to rip down former Temple Emanuel

R' Mordche Dovid Unger got a permit from the City to rip down former the Temple Emanuel on 14th Avenue and 49th Street and build his new World Headquarters in its place. After spending the past few months slowly dismantling the former Conservative Temple and selling every piece of it individually, R' Mordche Dovid has finally gotten the permit he needs to tear down the building. R' Mordche Dovid plans to build up a tremendous Shul in its place which will serve as his World Headquarters.


Sunday, November 12, 2006

Chasidstud BUSTED!

Chasidstud has been exposed for the fraud that he is!

Check it out!


Saturday, November 11, 2006

An open letter from a runaway child

Someone wrote how today things are different then thirty, twenty or even ten years ago. Today there are many fine teachers who are gold. it's true. But "It starts at Home, stupid" is the worst mistake we New Agers have come to believe. I hated my parents bitterly for the years of torture I grew up with, and till today in my thirties haven't yet got myself all together. At about shidduch age I decided it is about time, I picked my self up and left. For two years I was seething with hate, I haven't spoken to my parents. I swore in anger not to attend even their funerals. My drive to erase the past was successful. But along with that past went not only my father and mother but my siblings, my grandparents and my 5 year old brother. In the end, today, I look back at the few years I have missed. Then I got a call that my grandfather passed away. Then I checked my voicemail which I haven't checked in ages. It was my grandmother; she was begging me to come say goodbye to Zeidy in his last breaths. I couldn't believe it. Not that my zaidy died but what I'd done. All of the endless days at the hospital, they waited and waited. They were begging me to return, just to see them, just to say goodbye. And I dident come. In my anger I found a new identity and did not know them. He died knowing that His First Grandson dident want to see him. It is now too late. The guilt tears me apart. Then my father. The image of the monster I grew up with is now gone. When I see my father I see an older man, who had a bitter life. I see a tremendous pain in him, ever since I left him. It took some time for me to catch on to it, maybe two years, to realize the suffering that I had caused in him. There is no pain in the world like the pain of loosing a child. He loosed his son. His Shobbos table Empty. His life was empty. then the seder table, spring, summer, winter, and a nother year, he waited. His son is gone. A friend of mine gave him a picture of me. I was told that my father cried when he saw it, and couldn't depart from the photo "It's my son... it's my son... I wonder how he is, I wonder where he lives, I whish I could see him..." It then hit me. Today I talk to my father. I love him deeply. I long for him. But no matter how much I try to show it to him, to spend time with him, just to walk to shul on shabbos with him... there is still a wall that remains. He is afraid of me. As much as he yeans for his son the pain is too much for him to bear, and would rather spend time with his family, the family he has, not the family of a painful past. I'd do anything to repair the damage. There is nothing in the world that I hope and dream for. And looking back at the horrible abuse of a small child, you can quote me that it is nothing compared with, and nothing compares with the suffering of a father who looses his child. I'd go back to the dreaded childhood ten times just to ease the suffering, for just one moment, of a broken father.

As a teacher, I don't care, you can curse out the Rishaim rabeiim we had as a children. But as a child, and not yet a parent, I beg you all to think twice before chas visholom saying anything against a parent. Trust me, I went through it all, I know the torture. When others would tell me that I should take responsobility for myself and stop blaming, I'd curse them out and say that they have no idea what abuse is, and if you weren't abused then don't talk. Well, it took a heavy two years of my life to come to the realization that the Torah knew better when it listed a Kabed Es Avicha and omitted "The Eleventh Commandment" (Respect your children). Don't learn the hard way as I did. Bite your lip; hold it in, for years if necessary. But never, ever make the mistake and say something bad to a parent. This is what I have learned in my life, and it is what I have to teach to others. No matter what they did to you, at the end of the day it is they who need you. Before you know it they will be bedridden in an old age home, and you are the only thing they have in the whole world. You have the responsibility to be there for them. You must. No matter how much it hurts.

Response to letter;

I think this guy would benefit from seeing a good therapist, he definitely has some misplaced guilt over saving himself from his abusive parents. Maybe he needs to think if this guilt that he is feeling is further being perpetuated by his parents, who at this stage of the game have no other method of recourse to his alleged abandonment of them. Either way, it is quite common for such guilt to occur in such situations, because he is obviously the only one with an intact conscience here. However, he needs to understand what he is going through and realize that he did not bring this upon himself, only then will he be able to deal with what has happened in his life. I'm sure he would not suggest staying with parents and honoring them if they molest their kids daily. So why would physical abuse be any different? Kibud Av V'aim means honoring one's parents, i.e. not contradicting them in public. Being a punching bag is most definitely not included in this Biblical Commandment.


Friday, November 10, 2006

New Chaptzem! article in the Country Yossi Magazine

Chaptzem! on Shabbos.

Read the latest Chaptzem! article in the Country Yossi Family Magazine - available NOW!

Original writing from the only Heimishe web-site to transition to print.

Yingerman gets busted to wife in public

A Yingerman that has a bit of a drinking problem was exposed to his wife in public about it by a friend of his. The Yingerman blew his top when he found out that another Yingerman that he would drink with, went down to his wife's workplace and informed her in front of her office mates that her husband had a drinking problem and that he had to be stopped right away. The woman was overcome with embarrassment for having this sensitive issue about her husband brought up at her workplace in front of other people. The friend however neglected to mention at the office his own drinking problem. I guess that Yingerman won't be going to any Kideishim for a long time.


Thursday, November 09, 2006

Iran's Holocaust Cartoon Contest is Propaganda Worthy of the Third Reich

It's been no secret that Mahmoud Ahmadinejad aims to turn anti-Semitism into an art form. And it was no surprise -- though still sickening -- when Iran launched a Holocaust cartoon contest in response to Muhammad caricatures published in the Danish newspaper Jyllands-Posten.

As some angry Muslims torched Danish embassies and demanded the heads of the Danish cartoonists, Iran sought to turn the tables on the "intolerant" West with the Holocaust contest, challenging the West to stomach religious offense with the mocking of six million Jewish deaths. (Deaths which, according to Ahmadinejad, are part of some elaborately constructed myth to support the establishment and continuance of the Jewish state.)

The notion of this contest being a boon for freedom of speech is preposterous, since Iran certainly wouldn't allow a cartoon contest mocking Ahmadinejad or Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. "The country remains the Middle East's biggest prison for journalists and bloggers," stated Reporters Without Borders' 2006 report. "Threats, interrogation, summonses, arrests and arbitrary detention are sharply increasing."

Moroccan cartoonist Abdellah Derkaoui won a first-place prize of $12,000 for mocking the "alleged historical event" -- as was written in the official contest rules -- with a cartoon depicting an image of Auschwitz on a barrier being constructed by an Israeli crane through Jerusalem, the Dome of the Rock in the background.

Some interpreted the winning cartoon as a comparison of Israel's wall-building to the Nazis killing Jews in concentration camps. Some suggested that Derkaoui violated a theme of Holocaust denial by showing the tracks leading to the infamous Auschwitz gate in the first place. Others stated that the cartoon meant that the Holocaust was being used to shield Israelis from allegations of Palestinian human-rights abuses.



Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Let the truth be told - Help save Yiddishe Neshomos.

If you saw something, say something!

An ad has been printed in the Jewish newspapers asking anyone who saw the incident in front of the Dunkin' Donuts to come forward and relate what they saw.

Let us not be like all those capo politicians who condemned these teenagers before even waiting for the dust to clear. All that is wanted is the truth.

Heimishe Mentch on the Bench David I. Schmidt elected to Supreme Court

Supreme Court District 2 -
2378 of 2378 Precincts Reporting
Brooklyn/Staten Island
Max Winners=5
Mastro, WilliamDem291,23721.59
Thomas, DeloresDem225,29316.70
Rothenberg, KarenDem223,07716.54
Schmidt, DavidDem218,80216.22
Battaglia, JackDem216,99816.09
Maltese, JosephGOP77,9805.78
Ajello, MichaelGOP76,4775.67
Reinhardt, MichaelCon18,9981.41


Pictures from inside the Democratic Headquarters in Manhattan on Election night

Former New York Governor Mario Cuomo, father of newly elected Attorney General Andrew Cuomo, came over specifically to shake the hand of Williamsburg knocker Rabbi David Neiderman.


Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Synagogue pays to tint Y's windows 

Some members of a Montreal YMCA claim that tinted windows installed at the request of a Hasidic synagogue next door make working out more difficult.
They told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp. that the tinting makes some areas so dim that they have trouble with yoga and Tai Chi classes.
The Yetev Lev Synagogue paid for the tinting on the side of the Avenue du Parc YMCA to prevent children from seeing scantily dressed women. The rabbi described the view as public nudity, banned under Hasidic practice.
But Y members say that if the congregation has a problem with the view the synagogue should be the building with tinted windows.

VOTE TODAY - Judge David I. Schmidt for Supreme Court

Watch video

Jewish teenagers were attacked first in Muslim case

According to a source close to actual legal proceedings of this case, there were great discrepancies and misrepresentations in the way the media covered this story. Also, according to the source, Police refused to include information from both sides of the story and rather made assumptions as to what had happened and came to erroneous conclusions on their own aside of witness testimony. According to the source the Muslim had started a fight with a Jewish individuals and it wasn't until others had joined to protect that individual and hold the Muslim until Police arrived that the man began to say that they had beet him. The source says that it is a shame that the parents will now have to shell out such large amounts of money for legal fees due to these erroneous charges that will most certainly be dropped once the investigation is complete.

Surprisingly, Shahid said, when an ambulance and police arrived, his five attackers were still there. If they were truly guilty of beating him, what were they waiting around for?

Link to an independent version of the story


Monday, November 06, 2006

Picture of Heimishe pervert Bocher

Here is the picture of the Heimishe pervert Bocher that touched the Yingerman last week. The picture was positively verified by the Yingerman victim as being of the actual perp who touched him. The picture has not yet been verified by the second victim, the young boy, as having been the man that tried to lure him. When and if the man is identified by the young boy as the perp in his case as well, we will post as such. Parents, please keep your children away from this man.


Sunday, November 05, 2006

Fire engine drives onto sidewalk ripping up the concrete and the front garden

Two fire engines were on the way to a fire when the one in the back decided that he had to get through. The one in front drove onto the sidewalk to let the one from behind pass him. After backing up from the sidewalk it was apparent that there was thousands of dollars worth of damage. The concrete on the sidewalk and the front garden were ripped up. The homeowner is planning to sue the City.


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